‘Lord of Dominion’ Postmortem: A practise of game design

In my last semester in Entertainment Technology Center, I took the course Game Design Fundamentals from Stone Librande. It was a great class where we learned theories and methods of developing different parts of a game such as the balance system, the reward system, levels and so on through practice of analyzing existing games and designing/redesigning small part of the systems of boardgame. The final assignment is to design a boardgame which can be introduced and finished in 15 to 20 minutes from scratch individually. Milestones of the assignment were split throughout the semester so that we can build the game step by step based on what we currently learned from the course. This article is going to talk about how I made Lord of Dominion, a 2-player strategy boardgame, as my final project. However, there are limitations due to the requirements and the fact that it is a boardgame, which prevents me from implementing some more complicated features. Therefore, recently, I’m converting and polishing it into a Unity version in my spare time.

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Shadow Project Report

This semester, we are required to choose a current project from the second-year students to follow. After browsing all websites of current projects, I decided to choose the project Emotionshop as my shadow project. I made my decision for several reasons: first, the team comes out with individual prototypes every week (there are 5 students in their teams, which means 5 prototypes every week). Second, they study the relationship between emotions and game mechanics while I am super interested in game development as well as user experience. Therefore, I follow this project in the hope of gaining useful inspiration for future game development.
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400 Years


400 Years is a cross-boundary game published by Armor Game. Players play as a Colossus. Roused up for some reasons, the Colossus gets into his journey to stop a calamity. In the game, players can press SPACE to let the time fly. However, for some reason, there are only 400 years left for him.
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