Ludum Dare Collection

This post is going to collect good games from Ludum Dare. Not all of them, but which seems interesting to me. Updated irregularly.

Ludum Dare 36: Ancient Technology

Pyramid Builder by standardcombo

SOS Snake by Pyrofoux

Grampy Katz in: The Big Date by MeowzaGames

SUNWARD by graebor  – Great art.

Mammoth for Speed by Lonely Vertex – Relevant to the theme and extendable. I like the idea.

Something Wrong with this Museum by Allthebees  – Satire. Great angle of the theme.

Aquadrata by Four Quarters  – Love the gameplay, love the feeling of the procedure, love the art.

Cronus’ Tomb by Robin ‘sod off’ Field – Zelda-like game. Impressive music!

Cognizance by managore – Interesting puzzle game

It Started Out With A Brick by peterthehe – Not really a “game”… Implemented a machine-learning machine in unityTechnology is amazing.

Babel by johnbjuice – Really intensive lol! Great theme!

Ludum Dare 35: Shapeshift

You Are What You Eat by MagnesiumNinja – Hotline Miami + Kirby! How can they finish this in 72 hr…

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