Software Engineering

Final Project: SPH Fluid Simulation Reference


Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications by Matthias Müller, David Charypar and Markus Gross

Fluid Simulation For Computer Graphics: A Tutorial in Grid Based and Particle Based Methods, Colin Braley and Adrian Sandu

Physically-Based Fluid Modeling using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, Trina M. Roy

SPH survival kit

Particle-Based Fluids COMS6998 – Problem Solving for Physical Simulation

(Chinese) SPH算法简介

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Starting up CMU 15-662: Computer Graphic

After struggling of trying to compile the original codes on Windows, I decided to transfer to Ubuntu. Since I had no experience on CG programming (I took the CG course in my undergraduate but it required no coding workload), I found a tutorial online to follow. After following the step of “Building on Linux”, when I start running “cmake ..”, the terminal threw out several errors:
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Talking about time.deltaTime

For a long time, I didn’t quite understand what is Time.deltaTime, and why we have to use it when we want to move an object smoothly. I had used it for many times, but never understood its meaning.

Today, after I had a big trouble when writing a script of the player’s operation, I decided to find out what it is. I wrote a coroutine function to detect the input of the players. However, sometime the input may be missed in the function, while being able to be detected in the Update() function. To loop the coroutine function I used the line, which seemed like the core of the problem:
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