Computer Graphics

Review: Computer Graphics (CMU 15-462/662)

(Pictures from CMU 15-462 course site)

The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) of CMU has a very unique curriculum policy, where the first semester is filled with 4 compulsory courses and the rest of 3 is filled with a project and an elective course respectively. Hence, when it came to the first “free elective semester”, I spent a lot of time deciding which course should I take. I decided to go for Computer Graphics at last, mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. CG has been one of the basic branches of video game since the first game was created, and is becoming more and more important for the whole entertainment industry. It brings a huge revolution of the visual experience and still has a great potential for delving;
  2. CG is closely linked to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which are popularly viewed as the future of games;
  3. Many alumni of ETC highly recommended this course, saying that it explains the profound simply and is useful in their career;

So I took it. It gave me an extremely impressive semester – not only because of its intensity, but also what it left to me. I didn’t stay awake the whole night before the due day as many alumni did, but I did “suffer” a lot. There was even a time when I was super frustrated and wanted to drop off. Thankfully, I didn’t do so. Instead, I found myself learned a lot from the struggling. Hence, I would like to write a brief review of the course (mostly depends on my level) as a reference for any ETC students who will consider to take this course in the future.

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Setting up OpenGL

The last assignment of CMU CG course is  a self-selected project (detail).

What I chose is Option F, SPH Fluid Simulation, cooperated with Sarvesh Subramanian. I implemented the SPH model, while he took charge of the Marching Cube algorithm and OpenGL part.

This post includes a tutorial of how to setup OpenGL project on Windows by Visual Studio 2015.

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Final Project: SPH Fluid Simulation Reference


Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications by Matthias Müller, David Charypar and Markus Gross

Fluid Simulation For Computer Graphics: A Tutorial in Grid Based and Particle Based Methods, Colin Braley and Adrian Sandu

Physically-Based Fluid Modeling using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, Trina M. Roy

SPH survival kit

Particle-Based Fluids COMS6998 – Problem Solving for Physical Simulation

(Chinese) SPH算法简介

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Starting up CMU 15-662: Computer Graphic

After struggling of trying to compile the original codes on Windows, I decided to transfer to Ubuntu. Since I had no experience on CG programming (I took the CG course in my undergraduate but it required no coding workload), I found a tutorial online to follow. After following the step of “Building on Linux”, when I start running “cmake ..”, the terminal threw out several errors:
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