2015 Fall

Shadow Project Report

This semester, we are required to choose a current project from the second-year students to follow. After browsing all websites of current projects, I decided to choose the project Emotionshop as my shadow project. I made my decision for several reasons: first, the team comes out with individual prototypes every week (there are 5 students in their teams, which means 5 prototypes every week). Second, they study the relationship between emotions and game mechanics while I am super interested in game development as well as user experience. Therefore, I follow this project in the hope of gaining useful inspiration for future game development.
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400 Years


400 Years is a cross-boundary game published by Armor Game. Players play as a Colossus. Roused up for some reasons, the Colossus gets into his journey to stop a calamity. In the game, players can press SPACE to let the time fly. However, for some reason, there are only 400 years left for him.
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