Adventure Module

The best moment in the whole trip.

I was scared for the dinner part at first. Everybody was told to dress formally, and I was worried about my suit since I don’t have a dress. But it turn out great later. Everybody is so excited after dinner, taking photos with each other, talking, laughing, totally different from where I have been before. There I felt ambition, happiness and love.

That’s why I draw this picture from an original group photo. While I was drawing this picture, I found myself seeing more details, body languages, facial expressions, and everybody’s situation at that moment. I can tell their energy, spirit, and recall the warm memory of the night. Even though I cannot draw them figuratively, I drew what I felt of them. I even added Tony in the picture! (He was not in the photo actually, haha!)

Thank you, everybody. Thank you, ETC 🙂